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2016-01-02 10:25 pm

20 (sweet) 16 - To All of You

well! well. here i am in 2016. here we all are, and i think it's so great that we've all made it through. it may be just another day, just another year, but i think we're all stronger for it, and i guess this is just a thank you to everyone who's helped me along the way. to be honest, i've always wanted to do one of these. call me a copycat if you will (i'm sorry cal, dana); i've always been too afraid to do it for fear of forgetting people. because i know i will, i probably have, and that's not fair.

but i'm human, i forget, i take for granted, and . . . i just have to accept that and take the risk.

i'm in desperate need of something positive in my journal for once! it's a new year. here's to starting it off right (even if life has burdened me with a cold suddenly, ugh). so . . . here it goes.

this took me like 4 hours rip )
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2011-04-06 11:50 am

O hai thar?


So yeah, I created this due to all the Livejournal-fail that has been occurring due to the DDoS (I think I got that acronym right?) attacks lately. I had an old invite code from [personal profile] candyland lying around, so here I am!

Still not entirely sure what I'll use this for, as I don't plan on abandoning LJ just yet, but I might upload a few userpics and just leave it here for now. I also got a free invite code after I signed up, so if anyone needs one, leave a comment or let me know somehow.

Anyhow, not much to say. Just thought I'd have a first entry, you know.

See you 'round~